Automated Processes and Workflows

All businesses depend on business processes; and the most important processes in many organizations depend on people. Use SharePoint® to support process-based human workflow and make your organization more effective.

Cognitive Technologies designs SharePoint? workflows to automate the interactions among the people who participate in a process and to improve how that process functions. The result-increased process efficiency and completion rates, with lower error rates.

Processes that can benefit from automated SharePoint® support for human workflow include:

  • Approval- A common aspect of human-oriented business processes is the need to get approval from multiple participants. What?s being approved can vary widely, from a Word document containing next year?s business plan to a business card order form or an expense report. In every case, specific people must review the information, perhaps appending comments, before they indicate approval or rejection. Automate the approval cycle in SharePoint? to track who has the item, where it's been, and its approval status.
  • Coordinating group efforts- Whether it's preparing a response to an RFP, producing a project deliverable, or designing and developing training, many processes require people to work together in an organized way. By defining the steps of the process in an automated SharePoint? workflow, the group?s work can be made more efficient and the process itself more manageable and predictable.
  • Issue tracking- Many business processes generate a list of outstanding issues, such as risks or items to be completed. Too often, these are kept in spreadsheets on one person's computer. SharePoint? allows everyone to simultaneously view, edit, and update this list. In addition, an automated SharePoint? workflow can be used to maintain that list, assign issues to the people capable of resolving them, and track the status of resolution.

Contact Cognitive Technologies- process and SharePoint® experts to automate processes and workflows and improve your organization?s effectiveness.